Insomnia: Sleepless Nights

SKU: IR007

A key DEA informant has been kidnapped, and his contact agent murdered. It's your job to find the informant and bring him to safety before the leader of a certain drug cartel finds out what he knows... Stealth and cunning are the keys to this adventure, as players infiltrate the stronghold of a major drug lord in the international drug cartel. Also contains basic background info for the organization known as Insomnia, the agency that never sleeps. This is a modern covert ops/paramilitary adventure.


  • Original 3d and hand-drawn artwork
  • Fully hyperlinked Acrobat 5 PDF
  • Action! Ready - Requires the Action! System Core Rules
  • Standalone adventure or use in an existing campaign
  • Contains detailed character sheets for prominent NPCs
  • A detailed stat sheet for the Ingram Mac-10 is included
  • 4 hyperlinked maps included for both GM and players.
  • Created with Profantasy's(tm) Campaign Cartographer 2.
  • For one to six players
Price: $5.00