Please Excuse the Mess!

Welcome to our newly refurbished site!

After several problems with lowlife hackers, and the cumbersome Zen Cart software, we've decided on the current setup, using Drupal.

Drupal, while not as robust for e-commerce as Zen-Cart, it is much more robust for content management overall. It's also more flexible design-wise; blocks and content can be easily moved around and displayed in different ways.

As always, we appreciate your feedback on any aspect of our business. We do not plan on having a forum setup, but if you wish to send us feedback, please use the Contact Us link at the top of every page.

We do have a Subscription/Notification system in place. So, you can subscribe to updates to any piece or type of content. For example, if you wanted to be kept up to date on the latest products, simply subscribe to the Product content type associated with any product. You'll receive email notifications any time a new product is added, or an existing product is updated. Of course, you'll have to register with a valid email address first.

Feel free to browse the site, but please keep in mind that things are always changing.