Shukuen: The Abduction

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"It is with sadness that I write these words. Our province is in the mouth of the dragon. It remains to be seen if we will be clenched between its mighty jaws.

While some may argue that we are in a time of prosperity, I fear that they are looking with closed eyes. It is true that our province has become wealthy from the trade brought by the river mouth. But this wealth is also our curse. We are surrounded on all sides by Daimyo who want what we have."

The Abduction is an adventure for all types of characters, set in feudal Japan in a fictitious Han. Characters must rescue the daughter of a minor noble who is to marry into another noble family. She has been kidnapped by persons unknown, and for unknown reasons. If she should die, the honor lost will surely cause the Han to collapse economically. You must not let this happen! Your small party has been chosen so as not to attract attention to the disaster.

The Abduction is an Action! Ready product. To play, you'll need the Action! System Core Rules available free of charge from the Action! System Web Site.

Features include:

  • Acrobat 5.0 format.
  • Fully bookmarked TOC.
  • Half-page format for easy viewing in Acrobat.
  • Six hyperlinked maps for GM and player use, both in CC2 and .png format. A simple HTML interface is also provided for map viewing.
  • Additional information on Hidan (bandits).
  • Area map (one of the 6 mentioned above) of Itoyanagi (Weeping Willow) Han, showing the capital and other places of interest. Can be used by the GM to expand his or her campaign.
  • Can be used with Sengoku Revised Edition by Gold Rush Games.
Price: $5.00