Shukuen: Merchant's Greed

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Merchant's Greed

The Samurai command the field of battle. Their word is law. To die in battle or to commit Seppuku is to be embraced. They fear nothing under heaven. Except you.


When a merchant is suspected of smuggling but no proof can be found the authorities look to your services. But what really is happening within the stone walls of the merchant's compound? Only you can find out.

This is the first in a series of adventures tailored for Ninja or Ninja-like characters. As many GMs that have tried to run a Feudal Japanese campaign can attest, it can be difficult to cater to every class, especially the more specialized like the Ninja. One of our goals is to create a series of linked adventures for your ninja characters. Infiltration, Assassination, and Spying will be among the missions your ninjas will undertake in the name of honor and duty.


  • Action! Ready - Uses the Action! System Core Rules.
  • All original 3d and hand-drawn artwork
  • Available as a PDF download only.
  • Standalone adventure or use in an existing campaign.
  • Includes the following supplemental material:
    • New Ninja clan (Ryu)
    • Psuedo magic using Kami talismans
  • Complete hyperklinked area and detail maps in CC2, JPG, and HTML format.
  • Blank character sheet in Excel(tm) format
  • For one to three ninja players.
Price: $5.00