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IO: A7E Corsair II

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Includes game attributes for D20 Modern OGL, Action! System, and EABA by BTRC


A-7E Corsair II:
Gulf War 1990-91
With a heritage dating back to the 1960’s the A-7 was
almost a dinosaur when compared with the F/A-18s
of today. Yet the A-7 still managed to play an important role during operation Desert Storm.
Originally designed as a tactical close air support,
ground attack aircraft, it also has limited air-to-air
combat capability.
At first glance it would appear that the A-7 shares
much in common with the larger F-8 Crusader, yet
appearances aside the A-7 was a brand new aircraft.
A call was made for a design to replace the A-4 Skyhawk an excellent plane in its own right. The A-7 flew
for the first time during September 1966. A little more
than a year later it saw combat over Vietnam.